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He is 42 years old and is the best in Juventus: it is Gigi Buffon who makes sure that the Italian Cup does not take the direction of Naples before the penalties, which then deservedly reward the group of Rino Gattuso. Bad Ronaldo, bad Pjanic, there is little to save individually. These are the report cards of Calciomercato.com.BUFFON 7.5: the best of Juve, this already makes it clear that there was something that did not go as hoped. It closes on everything there is to close and prevents the evening from being further complicated. On penalties, however, comes after having exhausted the miracles

CUADRADO 5.5: percussion does not hurt and leaves Insigne too free to arm his right (40 ‘s.t. RAMSEY s.v. Glacial from the disk)

DE LIGT 6.5: Mertens is for him the prototype of the most complex center forward to manage, but he still manages to cage him

BONUCCI 6: between him and Alex Sandro you slip in a bit too easily, but it doesn’t collapse

ALEX SANDRO 6: dangerous when he crosses, he suffers the pressure from Callejon as always

BENTANCUR 6.5: it is always where it must be

PJANIC 5: you only notice it for a nice contrast, for the rest it is the usual 2020 Pjanic, slow, predictable, almost one less (29 ‘s.t. BERNARDESCHI 5: mezzala, a little confused, at the end of the day literally gives the corner that could make Napoli win at the last breath)MATUIDI 5.5: in trouble, does not even filter as it should

DOUGLAS COSTA 6: he is the only one to try to create numerical superiority, he misses the flicker but not the desire to try (21 ‘s.t. DANILO 5.5: it seemed destined to be partiter, enters and brings solidity on the right wing. Then the penalty shoots badly)

DYBALA 5.5: in the beginning he steals the ball and Ronaldo needs a potentially lethal assist, then he fights despite crashing between two giants like Maksimovic and Koulibaly. Half a vote less for the wrong penalty, crossed at half height

RONALDO 5: ready, go and weakly flat a sensational goal ball. And then it disappears or almost disappears. Lyon, Inter, Milan, Naples: zero goals, not a role from him.

SARRI 5: Juve never manages to make possession of the ball fruit, Napoli closes and starts again, this is enough to check the bianconeri. Khedira’s injury upsets his plans, then on penalties anything could happen, but Napoli would have deserved the points anyway.

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