Juve, short squad? Injuries and Under 23 on the bench …


Yesterday, with 4 absent by knockout, there were 4 boys from the second team next to Sarri. And abroad, which roster do the big names have?

In mid-February, before the coronavirus and on the eve of the Champions League round of 16, the reigning cup king, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, revealed to the Guardian: “The Bianconeri were my favorites already before the start of the season. Obviously I don’t watch Italian football enough, because I can’t understand why Juventus don’t have 10 points of advantage in the championship over the others. It is the strongest rose I have ever seen in my life. It has quality players, it’s crazy. ” Already. Yet the other evening at the Olimpico Sarri he turned on the bench and saw Muratore, Zanimacchia, Olivieri, and the Albanian Vrioni, as well as the two reserve goalkeepers, the defenders De Sciglio and Rugani and Rabiot … For goodness good boys, the twenties of good hopes and talents of the future, but today (and yesterday evening) above all the pylons of the Under 23 of Pecchia in Serie C, tenth in group A, with a few minutes or only benches with the big ones, experience in the Youth League at the most.

How many knockouts

Short rose in Turin, so you ask? Well, in the meantime, we remember that yesterday there were 4 injured in weight: Khedira k.o. before the final due to adductor fatigue; Gonzalo Higuain who has not yet recovered from muscle resentment in the posterior region of the right thigh; Demiral with a crusader broken in January and on the way back for July; finally Chiellini, who returned in February after a crusader injury, but after stopping at Covid he had a new muscle problem and does not want to force even for his age. In total, apart from the boys, 23 elements in the black and white squad.

31 to Bayern, 29 Reds

Few? Lot of? Meanwhile, let’s see in Italy: the other big names have for example 26 players Napoli and Inter, 28 Roma and Lazio only Atalanta have less, 22. And abroad, in the Champions area? If Real Madrid has 26 in pink, Barça only 24 like Atletico Madrid. In Premier the City of Guardiola has 26 (with an average age of 26.8 years), Chelsea 27, the Spurs of Mourinho 28 and Liverpool 29. Even 31 elements (25 years on average) for the new Bundesliga champions, Bayern; Dortmund at 28 and Leipzig at 30 (with an average of 23.6 years). What “cares” Juve from a physical point of view or recovery from injuries or efforts (now it will be played every 3 days), is the very high average age. In Turin in Europe it was played with over 30 years of media, only Galatasaray has overtaken the bianconeri with 30.7 years; among the big names, Real is close to 29.6 years, Valencia to 29.3, Inter to 29.2, then Psg (29) and Barça (28.9), finally Naples to 28.8, City to 28.5 and Atalanta at 28.4.

How deep?

In short, age matters and will count now, especially with the summer heat and close efforts. Now it is also true that the “depth” of the Juventus team is not so bad: to say how many clubs can have people like Ramsey or Rabiot at number 18 or 19 or 20 of the squad, who have not entered? To say, the Barça had to employ Riqui Puig and Ansu Fati the other night, having 4 possible ko holders or on the bench; at Real with Eibar, James, Isco and Asensio remained out of the 16; in the City last night Guardiola launched Eric Garcia from the defensive center, leaving Otamendi, the talent Sané and Zinchenko out of the 16 on the pitch. Finally, Bayern, said they now rely on the left of 19-year-old Canadian Davies on the left, won the title in Bremen on Tuesday with 5 injured players out and this year launched the young Cuisance and Zirkzee, the 18th and 19th of the squad. So let’s go back to the usual question: won’t it be that we in Italy don’t trust our kids very much?

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