Juve, Sarri revolutionizes everything and also studies rest


Maurizio Sarri is studying everything. Maniacal organizer, he does not neglect even the details of the two and a half months furious that await him and her Juventus. The games that decide the season and the outcome of his first season in black and white will be played without interruption. And from the height of his experience, Sarri knows that rest will be a determining factor in the month and a half of the championship and in the month of Champions League (which will resume on 7 August with the home game against Lyon and which, he hopes, will end on 29 of the same month with the final that would be scheduled in Istanbul, but there are no more certainties about it). Given the program, it will practically not be possible to give the whole team a rest at the same time, as happened for example yesterday and how it could still happen next Sunday. There will be a maximum of three days between matches. Which means that on the day after the race, those who have played the most minutes will devote to an unloading job, while the others will carry out more intense training. Then there will be an opportunity for a workout that can be defined as almost normal and then it will be again on the eve, with the finishing session. Difficult to find the conditions to send everyone to the sea for a day. But it is impossible to think of not giving a little rest, even mentally, on a tour de force of this kind. Then the rests will be assigned individually, also following the logic of the numbers, those that come out of the tests carried out daily on the fields of Continassa.

In short, the most tired can enjoy the day off, also to avoid injuries, those who are less stressed will enjoy it later, so that no one is privileged, but they also do not miss precious work days at the Juventus Training Center. Rest on a chessboard, therefore, and practically zero tactical work since you start playing. Precisely because there will be no material time for a session to learn new patterns.

Here and there, Sarri will be able to carve out a few moments, but the frenetic pace imposed by the calendar will transform, at best, the games into experiments. This is why Sarri has been carrying out a full immersion in tactics since he had the team at his disposal. After all, for him, it is an unprecedented situation with Juventus: three weeks of continuous work on the field, without interruptions due to matches, friendlies or tours around the world, he never had. In practice it is an old-fashioned retreat, only without the Dolomiti as a background, but with the possibility of doing athletic work (necessary to peel the rust of the Covid break) and a thorough tactical work. An opportunity that Sarri did not pass up, inventing exercises and offering a rather rich menu, even when not the whole team was available and could train small groups of players. Who knows if you can appreciate the results immediately, in the matches of the second half. Certainly for the Tuscan coach it is a really unfortunate season in this respect.

During the summer, upon returning from the Asian tour, where he had managed to do little for obvious reasons, he had to skip the entire second half of the preparation due to the severe pneumonia that had affected him. Then, just when the team was taking flight (see the very positive collective performance against Inter), a virus that causes pneumonia just stopped the world, including Juventus. It must be said that Sarri is not someone who gives up and it will certainly not be the mask to stop his desire to win

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