Juve, relief for Dybala, Matuidi and Rugani: Covid-19 has left no clinical signs | First page


In recent days an important medical investigation had announced that in some cases coronavirus patients could suffer from chronic respiratory problems since Covid-19, directly attacking the lungs, can leave traces of scars that reduce the elasticity of the fibers. lung. Juventus immediately carried out carpet checks on its members and, in particular, on the three members of the squad who tested positive for the virus: Matuidi, Rugani and Dybala.VIRUS-FREE – For the first two, which although positive, never showed serious flu symptoms, exams were immediately in place and immediate relief. For Dybala, however, Juventus has studied an important medical plan because Joya was among the most affected having found a more acute form of the virus that has kept it positive even for over 45 days. The Argentine striker is therefore training at full capacity, but is subjected to strict controls every 2 days by the Juventus medical staff.

RELIEF – Check that, reports Tuttosport, they are all successful. Although the form of coronavirus contracted by Dybala has been intense, the player is not experiencing any type of physical problems in resuming training even under intense effort. In addition, the Joya is among the most fit of the squad (normal for a brevilineo like him) and is fully available to Sarri. A sigh of relief, for him and Juve who is however recommending him to follow, however, a protocol as rigid as possible even in daily outings.

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