Juve: race against time for the Arthur-Pjanic affair. This is why it must be closed by June 30th First page


A race against time in all respects and with the goal that is getting closer. Juventus and Barcelona they have been in contact for over two months and although the potential for super-exchange Pjanic-Arthur has in fact been found economically, the most important detail of the deal is still missing, the Brazilian midfielder’s ok.DEADLINE – Race against time, because clubs have given themselves an expiration date, a deadline, to complete the operation. It is June 30, 2020 and it is not a random date because if the companies sat around a table to negotiate an exchange with such high ratings and that could shift the tactical balance of both, it is because there is the strong, very strong possibility that, thanks to this operation, their budgets are managed before the annual closing. A matter of super-capital gains and savings of engagements in essence that would no longer be central and indispensable after that date.

PRESSING BARCELONA – So what’s missing? As said, the most important piece is missing, namely Arthur’s ok to the sale. Yes because Juventus and Barcelona have found substantially the scoreboard of the two cards (and on the two capital gains to be recorded in the balance sheet) and also Miralem Pjanic has reached an agreement with Barcelona for a 12 million four-year term per year. The Catalan club is pressing Arthur to open the transfer to Juventus, but for now the position of the Brazilian resists is likely to blow everything up. Yes, because for Pjanic there is no shortage of suitors and after June 30th it will be a completely different game. They also know it well in Spain.

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