Juve now sinks on Zaniolo: here is the offer that makes Roma think


There Juventus raise your shot, there Rome raise the wall. In the middle it settles down Nicolò Zaniolo, who as a child would have dreamed of the black and white shirt but now would not want to give up the colors he wears. It is a fact that Juve has been interested in Zaniolo since last summer. And it is equally certain that the two companies will talk about useful exchanges to lighten the budget. But Rome does not intend to sacrifice its diadem, just as it will not renounce the golden twin Lorenzo Pellegrini if it is not bound by financial circumstances. With bowls still, the Italian managers of Roma will commit themselves to the last cent to avoid technical losses that are decisive for the team’s competitiveness.

Zaniolo away? Here is the offer that would make Rome waver

Also because, in the case of Zaniolo, selling today would be like scoring yourself at the last second of a derby. The player is just 21 years old, comes from a terrible injury, will only gain value in the coming months. In addition, the global crisis caused by the pandemic has provoked a logical recession: lowering revenues for all clubs, prices plummet. Today Zaniolo could change teams for no more than 40 million, about half of what Roma asked for last year. And let’s not forget that the total must be subtracted 15 percent of the price tag, which in the event of a sale will fall to theInter according to the agreements stipulated in 2018. In short, the separation between Roma and Zaniolo can only take place if Rome reaches the market highlight without possibility. Or if it comes a 60 million offer. […]

Juve offers Bernardeschi for Zaniolo: Rome says no

There Juventus would be ready to include non-strategic players, among whom it falls Bernardeschi, but Roma are not interested in high-level exchanges. Bernardeschi then earns 4.5 million net per season, what does it have to do with a club that must strictly cut the wage bill? If important players, irreplaceable owners leave from Rome, it will only be for money. To have liquidity to reinvest. Bartering is allowed – moreover, recommended – for marginal transactions, which allow to produce “credible” and not purely accounting capital gains. The example is Spinazzola-Pellegrini from 2019. It is unthinkable that Zaniolo falls into this context.

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