“Juve-Lazio on 20 July with the fans at the stadium”


ROME – A beam of light passes through the closed doors. Stadiums deserted until the end of Serie A? The feeling of total bewilderment may stop earlier. Hallelujah: Since yesterday, the government has put on the table the possibility of partially reopening the facilities to the fans. He did it through the mouth of Sandra Zampa, undersecretary of the Ministry of Health. Has an authoritative voice opened the door and rekindled hopes, even of clubs struggling with the de? cit caused by the non-revenue of the ticket office. «There has never been any foreclosure», the government official told ‘Radio Punto Nuovo’. «We were worried about the recovery, which then came. Let’s wait for the data and see if we can bring people to the stadiums, with absolute safety standards. The topic has not yet been addressed, the CTS must deal with a lot of situations, but the last word is up to politics. Things are going much better, the virus seems to be less dangerous, but it is still there and we must not let our guard down. Italy has worked well and has been a model for other European countries, pointing a way. Let us leave with a veil of hope on the opening of the plants. I will take this question, I will be a spokesman for it».

Zampa, reached by telephone by the Corriere dello Sport-Stadio, then added: «I would like a Scudetto match like Juventus-Lazio to be played in a partially open stadium. Of course if the epidemiological curve allows it and the sports minister Spadafora agrees … “. The match between the current top two teams in the standings, the big match of the thirty-fourth day, will be – as confirmed by the League yesterday – the postponement of Monday 20 July (9:45 pm).

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