Juve, Higuain alarm: stops in training, Italian Cup at risk – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The Argentine, who injured himself at Continassa this morning, awaits the results of the exams: there is fear of a stretch

A pain in the leg and Gonzalo Higuain is forced to stop. The extent of the injury will be clarified only by the outcome of the exams, which Pipita is carrying out at JMedical, in the structure adjacent to the Juventus training grounds: a stretch is feared. This morning the Argentine bomber was working together with his teammates when he heard that something was wrong: he immediately stopped to avoid further trouble.

And so in the Juve house there is now a little anxiety: Pipita is the only “nine” in the role and, in a very dense calendar, there would have been need of him, who was the last foreigner to return to Turin for the resumption of training, after being in Argentina, next to the sick mother and daughter she hadn’t seen in a while. There are only two real Juventus strikers left: Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala. If the stop of the Pipita is long they will have to work overtime.

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