Juve, for Arthur and Chiesa all frozen


Arthur-Pjanic: all frozen. He expects the recovery of the La Liga and the consequent decisions of the Barça Quique Setién coach to somehow unlock the will to Arthur Apple tree. So far the Brazilian has been adamant: since Barcelona you don’t want to move. And therefore it is sending upstream the exchange with Pjanic, who for his part has already given a maximum consent to the Blaugrana, being available to close his career in Catalonia and playing in the La Liga. There Juventus he does not accept other technical counterparts and above all he does not want to join the players over the age of thirty and who earn more than Pjanic. Therefore, no Dembele. But not even Rakitic or Vidal are viewed favorably.

Juve on Chiesa: a list of names for Fiorentina, from Mandragora to Perin

The situation regarding Federico is less urgent Church of Fiorentina. Operation on which Juventus is focusing more than on the purchase of Tonali, the other highly coveted blue on which seems to have the advantageInter. There Fiorentina examines the black and white offers that currently include a range of players ranging from Mandrake (which, however, presumably will start the season under Maurizio Sarri’s orders), until Perin.

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