Juve, De Ligt: “Get out of here? Just inventions, I’m happy!”


The interview is over. With Matthijs de Ligt you chat through your computer monitor (yes, journalism at the time of Covid passes like everything else from video conferences) and the discussion turns on the passion for football, which young people must cultivate without thinking about their careers. At that point Andrea appears on the screen Agnelli and jokes with De Ligt who, surprised by the nice intrusion, smiles and blushes a little before the president’s small cameo closes with a pat on the shoulder. Not even ten minutes earlier, Matthijs himself was trying to explain how Juventus is a big family: in a few seconds he could offer a practical example. The Dutch defender, who will turn 21 on August 12, is serene (but speaks and reasons as if he were ten more). He spent the vast majority of the break forced by Covid in the Turin house with his fiancée AnneKee, studying Italian, relaxing and reflecting on the first part of the season (“Good things on one side and less good things on the other“) And, in the end, a De Ligt came out who feels” physically stronger “, more psychologically determined and obviously eager to get back on the field.

Hello De Ligt, how are things going? I mean how is training going at the time of Covid? “Now it’s much better, of course. At the beginning we could only train in small groups and we couldn’t touch each other and, yes, it was more difficult and uglier. In the past few days it has been very nice to go back to work normally, to be able to play with the other guys, to be all together on the field ».

We have recorded many rumors in recent months, especially from Spain, about the fact that you are not feeling well at Juventus. I ask the question extremely directly, hoping for an equally direct answer. De Ligt, are you okay with Juventus?
«(Laughs) Of course I’m happy at Juventus! I am very happy with Juventus. I realized that in the last period, without football played, someone has invented a few things about me. I am really happy to be here, to train every day with extraordinary players, I have the constant feeling of improving day by day and therefore now I am very happy with Juventus. Yes, I’m happy ».

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