Juve, Chiellini says: “That time we cheered Inter”


That of 2012 was the first championship of Antonio Conte on the bench Juve. Arithmetic certainty reached the 37th day with the Juventus victory over Trieste’s neutral against Cagliari and the contemporary defeat of Milan in the derby against Inter. “We had to go play against Cagliari cheeringInter, because in Milan there was the derby, think a bit about how we were reduced! – he wrote Giorgio Chiellini in his autobiography –. My brother, my mom, my father-in-law came, five hours by car from Livorno. I remember the tension on Sunday after the 5 pm snack. Anything could happen. If we had drawn and Milan had won … But after 6 minutes we were already ahead, and Inter made 4 at Milan. On our 2-0, Canini own goal, we focused on the result of the Milan derby, and at a certain point we understood that it was done“.

Chiellini: “Balotelli only has the shot. Kean is different”

Chiellini: “In 2006 championship on the field”

The Juventus captain has also returned to the 2006 title, won by the bianconeri and then assigned to Inter for the Calciopoli. “Trieste was not my first championship. On the field I had already won it in 2006, I was young, I had put together 23 appearances in real games, the important ones Hair he made me play them all. In short, it had seemed too easy, I had hardly realized it. Then the B had been a party, I was 21, many offers, but where did I go? I was at Juve“.

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