Juve, Chiellini is still arguing: the words on the quarantine


This time it is not his biography to make people discuss. From the columns of the ‘Corriere dello Sport’, the Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini has made a request without too many turns of words that, in his opinion, would guarantee the normal conclusion of the championship if it were accepted by the government and the leaders of Italian football: “We must eliminate the quarantine” he said.

Specifically, Chiellini asks to review the group quarantine if there is a coronavirus positive among the members, a rule that imposes fourteen days of isolation as a team and therefore risks jeopardizing the recovery of Italian football.

The defender thus argued his position: “Around Easter I was pessimistic, because with 600-700 deaths per day it seemed impossible to think about the championship. At the beginning of May I became very optimistic and from 18, when they reopened Italy, I had no more doubts. Indeed, one still retains it: the hope of all of us is that he will come quarantine removed“.

“Things have changed radically – explained Chiellini -, a Half may you could ask for things, but the June 20 no. They must remove this obstacle. The positive can realistically come out, there are a thousand people around a team, but equally realistically we must continue, the disease has an encouraging evolution. The hope is that they will allow us to complete the season“.

Italian football will finally be back on the pitch in a few days: on June 12 and 13 the semi-finals of the Italian Cup will be played, while on the 17th the winners of Juventus-Milan (going 1-1 to San Siro) e Napoli v Inter (1-0 for the Neapolitans, always in Milan) will face off in the final.

June 20 will then be the turn of the A league: the first two games scheduled after a stop of over three months will be Turin-Parma is Verona-Cagliari. In the intentions of the leaders of Italian football, the season should end on August 2.

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