“Justice to the Anthem, get your ears back” – Libero Quotidiano


What is the Italian national anthem like? The explanation, practical and perfect, is in the video you can see below and relaunched by Matteo Salvini on social media late Thursday evening. Any reference to Sergio Sylvestre, after the horror of the forgotten verse and the clenched fist before the Coppa Italia final between Juventus and Napoli, it is not purely accidental. The leader of the League relaunches a perfect interpretation of the anthem, with superimposed writing: “Get your ears back, justice to our national anthem”. And again, Salvini adds: “Goodnight friends, long live Italy, from north to south, from the Islands to the Alps, in all its extraordinary richness of beauty, ingenuity, culture, passion: the most beautiful country in the world “. In short, there is no need to mention Sylvestre. And the battle continues …

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