“Justice is done, those who made mistakes must pay” – Libero Quotidiano


“Whoever made a mistake has to pay.” Matteo Salvini he already feels an air of revenge after the news of the imminent interrogation in the Bergamo prosecutor’s office Giuseppe Conte. Together with the premier, the prosecutors investigating the “culpable epidemic” in the Bergamo area for the failure to establish the red area, in early March, in the two Municipalities-outbreaks of coronavirus of Nembro is Alzano, the Interior Minister will also be heard Luciana Lamorgese, successor to the Interior Ministry of the League leader, and that of Health Roberto Speranza.

“After so many lies and shameful attacks, justice is done”, Salvini exults. The prosecutor’s suspicion is that the responsibility for establishing the red zone was headed by the government and not by the governor of Lombardy Attilio Fontana, Northern League, as instead supported by Palazzo Chigi in recent months.

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