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Silvio Berlusconi must be compensated, especially politically “. Licia Ronzulli, vice president of Come on Italy in the Senate, leads the revolt of the blues in the light of what emerged on the sentence “piloted” for tax fraud Mediaset-Agrama in 2013. “Why this should happen should be named Senator for life, given that because of this tarred sentence he was ousted from the Senate where he was not even able to reapply “, is the proposal of Ronzulli, guest of CofeeBreak at La7.

“I understand – he continues – that many people will be annoyed but the truth that emerges solarly from this story is that there has been a theft of democracy in this country, a real coup d’├ętat. Let us call things by their name: Silvio Berlusconi was sentenced with a faulty sentence dictated solely by prejudice, as candidly confessed by one of the three judges (Amedeo Franco, ed). He was subsequently ousted from the Senate with a law that stemmed from this prejudice and in turn illegitimate because retroactive. Not only. Democracy has been torn apart by this ruling because it has deviated the natural course of politics and in this sense, in my opinion, the behavior and actions of the then Head of State must also be re-read, “is the reference to Giorgio Napolitano. “If the 5 star movement is in government is also because this episode has changed the course of republican history. It will be, as they say, only isolated fringes that have determined this outcome: but you realize that from the Berlusconi case to the case Palamara is there a single thread in which these rotten apples have poisoned an entire country? “.

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