June 2: a coward to Conte on the day of the Republic


“If this is a symbolic event, I am a saint,” says a supporter of Forza Italia who is called Angelo and is an entrepreneur and has come here from Nettuno. Here, Angelo is among the few moderates and before taking Largo dei Lombardi and returning home disconsolate he admits: “This is not my center-right”. A few minutes have passed since 11:30, the flashmob of June 2, Republic Day, has turned into a curve of a stadium: all assembled, all without a mask, and all excited against the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, the Head of state, Sergio Mattarella. Summary of the morning: “Elections, elections, elections” and “Conte, Conte, vaffa ….”. In other words, it is a peaceful demonstration of 200/300 people respecting health rules and regulations. Other than the constituent spirit and moral unity for the good of the nation requested by the tenant of the Quirinale.

That the procession of the center-right would have got out of hand to Antonio Tajani, Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini is understood at 9 in the morning in Piazza del Popolo about an hour from the starting whistle. There is already a full house. “We must send them home, to these unable”. But the appeal of Mattarella? “I don’t even know what he said,” boasts a Northern League player from Tor Pignattara who in the past had sympathies with Forza Nuova. Ernesto Picozzi, worker of the construction sector of Caserta origin, is there from seven in the morning: “This event is an outlet for the Italians. You can’t go on with Conte, Di Maio and Mattarella. I am a Northern League and I say aloud: they must go home. ” Law enforcement agencies are concerned. “From the first moments it doesn’t look like a flashmob,” is the refrain that bounces from one cop to another. It is no coincidence that Ignazio La Russa, a very high manager of Fratelli d’Italia, whispers: “It wasn’t what we thought. There is more than we thought. ” Professor Antonio Rinaldi, MEP of via Bellerio, Eurosceptic by definition, light blue shirt, beige trousers and boat sneakers, grazes and spreads pessimism about Recovery Fund: “But you are sure of everything Ursula Von der Layen said”. Claudio Durigon, Salvinian from Lazio, warms up the troops: “Who are the smartest of ours to keep the Tricolor that we will show on via del Corso?”.

Anger prevails over everything. Listen to what fifty-year-old Carmelo from Tor Bella Monaca says, a huge fan of Meloni, who hasn’t worked for 12 years: “Mattarella is a zombie. Conte is an incapable. They have to do it “. Amen. His friend Virgilio echoes him: “Conte, Conte, vaffa …”. The leaders of the right center begin to materialize. The first is Antonio Tajani. The former president of the European Parliament wears a mask, tries to respect social distancing, moves with a swollen step. Here are the first words of the number two of the blues: “This square is a positive message. Now we need to work to use all the tools offered to us by the EU “. A few meters away La Russa replies that he is doubtful about the tools put in place by the EU commission: “We will use all the tools as long as they do not harm the country”. But anyway. The starting whistle is imminent. And just as Durigon is about to kick off the procession, here is the Pincio Free Action Italy, fringe of Forza Nuova. On the command deck Daniele Cipressi, megaphone in hand and angry grin: “Conte government, resignation. Conte, Conte, Conte, resignation ”. The presence of the far right acronym was not expected. Law enforcement officers rush to the shelters and approach Cipressi and company politely asking to leave. But the leader of the right-wing rebels is not there: “This is a pro-red dictatorship. We are here peacefully. You can’t do it. ” Final detail: one of Cipressi’s henchmen threatens journalists with the cameras guilty of asking questions.

In the meantime, the procession of Fi, FdI and Lega with Meloni, Salvini and Tajani at the head starts from Piazza del Popolo. Everything is ready for the unrolling of the 500 meters long maxi-tricolor. The Northern League captain is the most sought after and is taken by storm for a selfie. A gathering is created that violates all safety rules. Between troupe, militants who want to capture the leader in via Bellerio the distances are practically zeroed. Few masks. The nature of the procession changes, meter by meter it becomes inflamed, insults, demands the elections immediately: in short, it seems to be in the curve of a stadium. Not to be outdone Salvini completely bloated – if it had been for him he would have demonstrated at the Circus Maximus already today – the mask is lowered: “We are here above all on behalf of the forgotten Italians”. Choirs alternate against the Prime Minister “Conte, Conte, vaffa ….” to “elections, elections” at the Anthem of Mameli. At a certain point, a protester is dismissed from the police who shouts his intention to make the Roman salute. You can see many black masks but lowered under the chin. It is a more right-wing than moderate crowd. The blue parliamentarians are embarrassed and are at a safe distance from the procession. Tajani defends himself: “No divisive intent, we want to make concrete proposals to demonstrate to the many Italians in difficulty that they are not alone. This is the spirit with which we at Forza Italia want to testify here. ” But the majority spirit is certainly not that of the vice president of the Azzurri.

The crowd does not want to hear the word unity and screams at the top of its voice: “Conte, Conte, vaffa …”. The vaffa that was a must of the grillina narrative becomes the manifesto of this procession. Francesca, who does not want to reveal her surname, is among the most enthusiastic: “It is a government of four imbeciles. They were kidnapped for three months. If Salvini had done it, they would have said that he is a fascist. ” A former missino intones the chorus against the people’s lawyer: “Conte, Conte, vaffa …”. This is the climate. And in the fray there are also those who, like Adriano, carpenter of the Serpentone, in the afternoon are ready to demonstrate with the orange gillets: “It is a totalitarian country. Where is the head of state? I am with Salvini and Meloni this morning, and in the afternoon I will go to General Pappalardo ”. In this climate of fire, you reach the height of via Antonio Canova. The three leaders declare to the cameras, the supporters of the sovereign right are increasingly fervent and there is a general embarrassment that grips several leaders of the Brothers of Italy: “Giorgia had invited citizens to stay home and follow via social networks”. They didn’t listen to her. Not to mention the faces of Silvio Berlusconi’s managers. There are many blues who take refuge in the alleys and watch the bedlam. “We said that it would be appropriate to avoid.” But now the die is cast. The gathering on the Tricolor was successful. The flashmob has degenerated into a throng in spite of the unity of the country and the health protocol. And to complete the day Salvini dedicates himself to his beloved selfies. The queue is formed. And the long wait brings a demonstrator to scream: “And enough with these selfies, they are useless … Come talk to the people: I no longer have a lira …”.

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