June 15, cinemas and summer centers reopen. Masks and bingo halls, what can be done


Green light to summer centers, cinemas and arcades. From tomorrow, June 15, there are many reopenings that push Phase 3 even further. With one condition though: as established by the new Dpcm signed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, they must respect the trend of the epidemic in the individual territories.
Not only that, this Monday is also the date designated for the debut of the app immune across the Peninsula and, despite the recommendations of the EU Commission, for the reopening of (few) borders in the Schenghen area. That is, it is yet another watershed date that gives Italians a new portion of freedom. Everyday life beforeCOVID-19 however, it is not yet fully restored because there is a shortage of five-a-side football, non-EU travel, fairs, discos and cruises. So what can you really get back to doing from June 15th? You still have to wear the masks?

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To the delight of the children (but above all of the parents), the playgrounds are back in the parks and in the municipal villas with slides and swings and summer centers reopen. From June 15, in fact, “access of minors is allowed, even together with family members or other people habitually living together or appointed to care for them – reads the text of the draft – to play areas inside parks, villas and public gardens, for carry out recreational or outdoor activities in compliance with the guidelines of the department for family policies “. Not only that, “children and young people can also access places intended for the performance of playful activities, recreational and educational, even non-formal, indoors or outdoors, with the help of operators to whom they can be entrusted in custody and with the obligation to adopt specific safety protocols prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the department for the policies of the family”.

Lazio, from Monday green light to fairs and ceremonies: from 1 July ok outdoor dancing and betting rooms

Entertainment also starts again, obviously with some limitations: maximum 1000 spectators for outdoor performances and 200 for indoor ones. Not only that, the shows open to the public in theaters, concert halls, cinemas and other spaces – both outdoors and indoors – are held with pre-assigned and spaced seats to ensure at least a meter of distance both for the personal, both for spectators who are not habitually living together. Nothing to do instead for events that involve gatherings, that is when it is not possible to ensure compliance with the safety conditions. Different speech for the festivals. There is the go-ahead from the government, but the regions are adopting particularly stringent criteria.

The shutters not only of wellness centers and spas are finally rising. The reopening, as is now known, is however bound to verify the existence of suitable conditions based on the data relating to the epidemiological curve by local authorities. However, the same rules to access swimming pools and gyms still need to be respected: no gatherings; access ban with temperatures above 37.5; sanitizing gel dispensers; different paths for entry and exitM lockers yes but only with personal items in bags; any disinfected equipment at each change of person; frequent disinfection of rooms and personnel wearing a mask and visor.

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Doors open by the government but closed by several regions. It will be possible to return to play unless different local provisions. So much so that for example in Lazio Zingaretti has postponed the reopening on 1 July.

After experimentation in the 4 regions (Liguria, Marche, Abruzzo and Puglia), thetracking app contacts in an anti-contagion perspective is finally ready to land throughout the Peninsula.

If tomorrow “basic sports and physical activity in general carried out in gyms, swimming pools, sports centers and clubs” are allowed “, Contact sports are suspended for another ten days like soccer with friends, challenges to beach volleyball, boxing and basketball.

Coronavirus San Raffaele, the pulmonologist: «I, 42 days in Lombardy, infected by the Roman outbreak»

«Until 14 July 2020, the activities that take place in dance halls and discotheques and similar places, outdoors or indoors, fairs and conferences. The regions and autonomous provinces, in relation to the trend of the epidemiological situation in their territories, can establish a different date of resumption of activities “. Also in this case, each Region makes its own history: in Campania for example, from 12 June to 14 July, the reopening of discotheques and similar clubs is allowed, limited to musical entertainment, catering and bars. There is still a ban on dancing both indoors and outdoors. Even in the Lazio from Monday, however, there will be the green light for conferences, ceremonies and activities that take place in clubs and similar places.

Despite the European Commission has recommended to reopen internal borders within the Schengen area starting from June 15, many countries that maintain limitations. If in Switzerland, Austria is Germany you can go there (from 16), in France, you can travel freely only from 1 July and in Spain only from 30 June.

New dpcm: sporting events are starting again today. Ok to trials from July. Discos closed until July 14th

I’m suspended until the middle of next month cruise services by passenger ships of the Italian flag. Those flying the foreign flag used in cruise services, on the other hand, are allowed to enter Italian ports only for the purpose of idle parking.

If it is true that the use of a mask is still mandatory in closed places accessible to the public, it has not been open in several regions for weeks, but not all of them. In Lombardy, for example, the obligation to wear it also outdoors until 30 June remains. The same goes for the Campania (at least until June 22), as well as a Genoa where the Mayor Marco Bucci clarified that even outdoors it must be worn if the distances are not respected. Also on the same wave line Sicily is Sardinia.

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