July and FTSE Mib, what has happened in the past? The graph of the week


A few sessions from the closing, June 2020 proved to be a positive month for the FTSE Mib, which continued to recover after the collapse which took place last March.

With June, i first three months of positive performance in 2020, with the main Italian index returning to review the psychological threshold of 20,000 points.

FTSE Mib and July: what happened in the past?

Elaboration of Money.it Research Office on Bloomberg data

To understand what could be expected from July, we went to see the behavior of the FTSE Mib quotes during that month, extrapolating the data since 1998.

The study found that out of 22 cases observed 10 concern a negative index performance in July. It is therefore slightly more likely (54.55%) that the seventh month of the year closes positive. It is interesting to highlight how the negative July are mostly concentrated in the first 10 years analyzed (7 out of 10). Since 2015, the month has always been positive. The average performance is 0.63% (+4.83 in the positive cases, -4.40% in the negative cases).

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