Judicial coup against Berlusconi. FI: “Now we want the truth”


“Berlusconi must be condemned a priori because he is a rascal! This is the reality, in my opinion he has been treated unfairly and has suffered a serious injustice”. To say it is Amedeo Franco, one of the magistrates of the Cassation who in 2013 issued a conviction against Silvio Berlusconi. As already written, the audio shock was discovered by The Reformist and last night’s episode of Fourth Republic the case has kept the bank: the opposite would have been impossible.

nell ‘audio the following consideration was also heard, always coming out of the togato’s mouth: “The impression that this whole affair has been guided from above. In fact they made a mess because what sense does it make to send it to the working section? I want to relieve my conscience, because I carry this weight of … I keep thinking about it. free. I was telling him that the sentence sucked “. Amedeo Franco was the speaker of the weekday section of the Cassation chaired by the magistrate Antonio Esposito who issued against the former three times premier that judgment for tax fraud as part of the so-called Mediaset process, which began in 2005.

Here, it is clear that Franco’s words uncover a real Pandora’s box with a disconcerting content: that sentence against the leader of Forza Italia was sensationally wrong, specially piloted. In short, a real judicial coup against the Knight and the blues, who now demand the search for truth.

To the harsh words arrived late yesterday evening by the number two of FI Antonio Tajani – who spoke of a judicial coup d’état against Berlusconi – today the blue team has beaten its fists on the table to ask for justice and truth.

Who is behind the plot? Finding out is a must. Sestino Giacomoni, member of the coordination of the presidency of Forza Italia and vice president of the Finance Commission of Montecitorio, commented with a note the fact, speaking of subversive design with disturbing outlines: “That there was a part of the judiciary that hated President Berlusconi for purely ideological reasons had long understood it; that the left and the populists of the M5S took advantage of it from an electoral and political point of view as well. Today we also have the evidence “, the blow sank the blue.

Giacomoni’s words were joined by that of his colleague and party companion, the deputy Sandra Savino: “Today that SIlvio Berlusconi’s innocence is proven, it is not enough to talk about the reform of the CSM or the judiciary, but it is necessary to go to the bottom to understand who orchestrated a maneuver that unjustly ousted the leader of Forza Italia from Parliament”.

Forza Italia reactions

Two big party like Mariastella Gelmini is Mara Carfagna have commented harshly on what has emerged in the last few hours. The Italian team leader in Montecitorio sank the blow: “The history of the country, as well as the personal history of President Silvio Berlusconi, was manipulated. The truth is slowly on the march, but who will compensate Berlusconi? Who will give the country a political season canceled with a sentence?”. The Vice-President of the Chamber who invokes the truth echoed her: “The revelations that emerged in the press regarding the conviction of Silvio Berlusconi are distressing. It is the confirmation of the judicial persecution we have always denounced and the same words used by the speaker of the case in Cassation Amedeo Franco demonstrate the seriousness of what happened. Now it is necessary that the whole truth emerges to protect the historical judgment on the person and on a political leader who has given so much to the country, but also all the citizens who deal with justice and the many magistrates who perform their duty in an integral way “.

In addition, the stance by Licia Ronzulli, who asks for political compensation for Silvio Berlusconi: guest of the Coffee Break television lounge on La7, the Italian senator asked that the Knight be made senator for life. So, the note of Giorgio Mulè, parliamentary spokesman for Forza Italia: “President Berlusconi has resisted this horrible injustice with the certainty and obstinacy of seeing the truth recognized one day. The time has come. Italy and the Parliament representing the country must not seek revenge, but have the ability to reform deep down, a justice that has shown its most nauseating side with the recent ‘Palamara case’. It is equally true and sacrosanct that President Berlusconi is given the right compensation: prejudice-free politics is now examining his conscience and finding a way to repair “.

Finally came the comment of Massimiliano Salini, isMEP and Forza Italia coordinator in Lombardy: “The recent revelations of Il Riformista on the sentence of condemnation in Cassation against the president of Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi cast sinister shadows on the functioning of Italian justice and legitimate serious questions about what really happened. A person with common sense horrifies, feels fear and it loses hope before a state power, such as the judiciary, which destroys the reputation of a political leader without a legal basis. We have a duty to react by asking for clarity to be made with the utmost urgency: demanding quick answers is an act of responsibility towards citizens and towards the country “.

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