Judgment on Berlusconi piloted, Tajani: now commission of inquiry, he like the Dreyfus case


For Tajani “that sentence was not only wrong out of inexperience but because there was a precise political will to strike Silvio Berlusconi, leader of the largest political force in the country. Since we could not defeat him with the elections, then we tried to defeat him in court. ”

“Someone from above piloted the sentence and we would like to know who”, also because “hitting that man not only affected the person and his family, but all those who had freely decided to vote for him”. “This story – said Tajani – confirms that we were right when we asked for a reform of justice and
separation of careers “,” the principle of the law equal for all for Berlusconi was not valid, the law for him was different than the others “.” What we do, we do so that no one else has to go through what Berlusconi has gone through “.

“Like the Dreyfus case” “The Berlusconi case is our Dreyfus case: we would not want any Italian citizen to understand what happened to him”.

Bernini: “It was democratic rape, now senator for life” “The historical truth has been restored but the damage has been done: the Berlusconi government has fallen for the judges, there has been a democratic insult, he left the Senate after undergoing an open vote, the only obvious vote on people in history There has been a distortion that has no equal in European history: I have never seen, except in South American dictatorships, juridical obstacles like these. ” This was stated by Annamaria Bernini group leader of Forza Italia in the Senate.

“To the many non-current accountants, I say what has often been said to Berlusconi: they could not have known that a democratic rape was taking place – he added. – Now he should be immediately appointed senator for life. To those who said ‘game over’ , they too must be protected by the reform of justice. We have the texts ready to give equal dignity to the prosecution and defense, with the separation of careers “.

Renzi: “Clarifying audio content”“Matteo Renzi also intervened on the matter.” I don’t know how much truth there is in what came out of the ‘Fourth Republic’: a magistrate of the Cassation who signed that sentence exposes very strong doubts on the legal validity of that decision. I don’t know where the truth is, but I know that a serious country on such an affair – linked to a former Prime Minister – cannot pretend nothing. I have never supported the Berlusconi governments and Berlusconi has never voted for the Renzi government (unlike other governments also of the center-left): therefore, for me Berlusconi is a political opponent. But, precisely for this reason, – the leader of Iv stressed – it is right to clarify what comes out of the audio from that broadcast and nobody can afford the luxury of pretending nothing. ”

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