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Football has restarted, tonight the first post-coronavirus trophy will be awarded: a vibrant Napoli-Juventus will decide who will win the Italian Cup. At a particular time for everyone, Calciomercato.com has decided to make you live the game in a special way: through our / your site, you can express judgments live by observing what is happening in the field minute by minute.HOW TO VOTE – It’s all very simple. Through the model you find below, we offer you the opportunity to express your opinion (promoted or rejected) on each protagonist: players, coaches, referee. You can vote from the first minute and the opportunity will remain after the race.

FREE VOTES – The wonderful aspect of this survey is that multiple judgments can be made on the same player: if at that moment it disappoints you, then point your thumb towards; if he subsequently scores, or simply improves his performance, then you can promote him by changing your vote or adding a new one. Not only that: you can vote for just one of all the protagonists, or three or five. In short, it is not mandatory to judge everyone so that your vote is counted.

So what are you waiting for? Rate it! Then we will publish the outcome of the survey for each protagonist.

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