Joe Biden’s anti-Trump ace is Lady Obama – Time


Luigi Bisignani

Dear Director, in the White House as in Palazzo Chigi, two injured political animals are furiously prowling in search of getting out of the mess in which they have hunted. But while Donald Trump relies on new technologies of political science, that “digital quantum” theorized by Armenian President Armen Sarkissian who through algorithms perfectly interprets popular sentiment and emotions, Giuseppe Conte chases the old logic of the Big Brother TV show and it is now mocked by everyone when it relaunches the obsolete format of the General States of the economy. In reality, only the trade unionist Maurizio Landini remained with his associates of “Il Fatto daily”, who is now the absolute owner of the Ministry of Labor with the Minister Grillina Nunzia Catalfo who has completely bowed to the welfare plans of the CGIL, overloading the INPS with tasks that do not belong to it such as the distribution of bonuses.

In Italy now a move by President Mattarella is expected to convince Mario Draghi, or a personality of the same level, to manage the difficult phase of reconstruction until the expiry of the legislature, perhaps with the entry into the executive of those party secretaries who want enter, while in the United States the battle will end in November with the elections. The most dangerous trap for Trump is the reconstituted axis between two families that count among the US Democrats, the Obama and the Clintons, who have decided to put Joe Biden under protection. According to a survey from Tel Aviv and in …


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