Jean Kennedy Smith, sister of Jfk and protagonist of peace in Northern Ireland, dies


IS died Jean Kennedy Smith, the last living sister of former US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and considered one of the architects of the Northern Ireland peace process. Jean Kennedy passed away in the past few hours at the age of 92 at his Manhattan home in New York. To confirm the news was the same family without however explaining the causes of the death. Described for a long time as the quietest of the Kennedy brothers also for the low profile that has been held for years, Jean Kennedy had distinguished herself in the 90s, gaining a great political reputation as a United States ambassador to Ireland. Commissioned by Bill Clinton, between 1993 and 1998 in fact and had a decisive role in the peace process in Northern Ireland.

Born in Boston on February 20, 1928 as eighth son of Joseph Kennedy Sr. and Rose Fitzgerald, the matriarch of her said that she was “born so late that she could only enjoy the tragedies and not the triumphs” of the Kennedys. After all, Jean was 13 when her sister Rosemary was sent to an institution, 16 when her brother Joe was killed in World War II and 19 when his sister Kathleen died in a plane crash. Then the other family mourners. But Ms. Smith lived her more than 90 years of life fully engaging and succeeding in many fields.

In addition to that great and fruitful experience in Ireland, the last of the Kennedy brothers is also remembered for having been the founder of Very Special Arts (Vsa), a non-profit organization committed to supporting people with disabilities in the world of the arts. For this, in 2011 the president Barack Obama also awarded her to Medal of Freedom, the highest civil honor in the United States of America. “They said I was doing a charity job, but if I had been a man, they would have said I ran an international organization,” he once said in an interview.

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