Japan: Tokyo confirms exit from US anti-missile system – Last Hour


(ANSA) – TOKYO, JUNE 25 – The Japanese government has confirmed
the exit plan from the anti-missile defense system
US Aegis Ashore due to excessive costs for the
their functionality and disputes never resolved with the
local population, opposed to their deployment.

This was explained by Defense Minister Taro Kono
during a meeting of the National Security Council held
after consultations that took place last weekend
with the governors of the prefectures of Yamaguchi and Akita.

Kono added that the executive will look to alternatives, and
that for the moment the Patriot tactical defense systems
Advanced Capability-3, equipped with surface-to-air missiles, will be
enough to protect the nation from threats.

The Tokyo government had signed an agreement with Washington
in December 2017 for the installation of two Aegis batteries
Ashore, close to a series of rocket launches from Korea
North, and during intense diplomatic exchanges between the
US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,
to accentuate the purchase of US military technology
of the Japanese ally.

The initial contract had a value of 1.7 billion
dollars that Tokyo will now try to renegotiate together
to the possible search for an alternative. (HANDLE).


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