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Francesco Guccini on June 14 he completes 80 years old. The Corriere della Sera celebrates it with a long interview that deals with many topics. One of the most interesting is the political passion of the songwriter who has always accompanied his songs, his lyrics and also his public and non-public interventions. He has recently been criticized for his version of Bye bye, in which he hopes that the partisans will take away Salvini, Berlusconi and Meloni. The leader of Brothers of Italy he replied with a rhetorical question asking: ‘where would Guccini take us?’

“They have a straw tail: they immediately thought of Loreto square. But I had no malicious intentions. I just have to send Salvini to the sea with the Mojito, and return Berlusconi to his TV and girlfriends. In the meantime, Meloni could break kidneys Greece“And then, when asked what you vote for, the surprising confession. What do you vote for?”Pd“And before?”Socialist party“. Not PCI? “I have never been a communist. Everyone believes it is; But it’s not true. I feel like saying, like those racists who claim to have many black friends, that I have many communist friends. But Stalinism could not please someone like me: libertarian, shareholder. My heroes are i brothers Rosselli and Duccio Galimberti, which was actually called Tancredi: Tancreduccio. If anything, I say it with great restraint, I felt anarchoid. I felt the charm of anarchy, from a more than a romantic point of view, “confesses Guccini to Aldo Cazzullo.

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