it’s the end of the nightmare, the test results


Coronavirus Wuhan: it’s the end of the nightmare, the results of the latest tests on the local population confirm that there are no positive cases

Coronavirus Wuhan, after five months invcubo finished (Getty Images)

Wuhan Coronavirus emergency: the city symbol of contagion and pandemic, that dklla which perhaps all started, breathe again. The government had announced carpet test on 9.9 million citizens local and now there are the results. In all, no case of new positivity is ‘only’ 300 asymptomatic subjects.

The latter are under medical observation, together with 1,174 other people with whom they have come into close contact. But the checks on them have failed. The health commission, before starting, had explained that the tests would be voluntary and free. And anyway the almost $ 130 million necessary for the tests were fully covered by the municipality.

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Wuhan returns to life after Coronavirus (Getty Images)

Numbers as usual to be taken with the springs, coming directly from local sources. But if it were to be proven, it would be the first positive news to come from Wuhan in six months. Today, however, a new death has also come among the doctors of the Chinese megalopolis. Hu Weifeng, 42 year old urologist among the first to recognize and treat the new Coronavirus, died after four months of intensive care. A photo that immortalized him is terrible, with dark skin because of the disease and the face suffering from the disease.

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Coronavirus Wuhan, new investigation shows that the government lied

Coronavirus in China, beyond the positive data, the controversies do not subside. Indeed, they are set to increase later an investigation by the Associated Press based on confidential UN documents. They show that the Chinese government delayed the communication of the numbers on the Coronavirus and in some cases hid them precisely causing the anger of the World Health Organization.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has repeatedly said that the information provided to the WHO had been timely. Now however what happened to Wuhan in the first days of the infection it takes on a completely different light. And the public praise of the WHO to the People’s Republic of China pronounced in January, for transparency in communication, hid more. It would have been a way to get more information about the epidemic and get collaboration.

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The President of China, Xi Jinping (Getty Images)

WHO would not be China’s accomplice simply because like everyone else she was also cut off with misleading news. Already a month ago more than 100 countries led by France, Russia and the United Kingdom had invoked aindependent investigation on the origins of Coronavirus. But China replied that it was available only to an WHO investigation and in any case only once the emergency was over.

Immediate information would have been essential to contain the infection and to start looking for a vaccine. The first, partial, were released only in mid-January, but the first case was on November 17th. The WHO then declared the world emergency on 30 January, but it was late now. In fact, even then the virus had arrived in Europe before spreading to the rest of the world.

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