“It’s not just his merit”


Luca Marini talks about Marc Márquez’s rescues in MotoGP: “Merit not only yours, but also the characteristics of Honda”.

Many times Marc Márquez has left the fans of MotoGP with his bailouts at the limit of physics. Everyone will remember the “non-fall” of Valencia in 2017 which earned him the conquest of the world title. The Cervera phenomenon has gone into the limelight for its degrees of inclination achieved on the Honda RC213V, a motorcycle that requires extreme driving style to reap the maximum potential. Will it be all flour from his sack?


According to Luca Marini and Pecco Bagnaia part of the credit goes to the DNA of its prototype. During a YouTube interview, Valentino Rossi’s brother commented on the Cabroncito’s driving style. “Nothing can be denied to him, with his bike he goes very strong. He has a lot of sensitivity and manages to dominate it as few manage to do. This great safety with the bike allows you to do great things. But all the bailouts he does are not only thanks to him, but also to the Honda that has that characteristic“. Luca Marini’s judgment is based on the impressions exchanged with those who drove it: Franco Morbidelli and Thomas Lüthi. “They explained to me that Honda has this type of functionality: it closes in front, but if you are smart you can not fall. But this does not detract from Márquez’s talent, it would be nice to see him on another bike“.


He is echoed by his friend and rival of many battles at the Ranch, Pecco Bagnaia, who remembers how the RC213V has evolved over the years based on his indications. “He is very strong, Márquez has a great talent. But as Maro says, Honda has been chasing him since the first year, gave him carte blanche on everything and is a motorcycle developed for him. He has a great feeling, he is able to take advantage and reach the limit. Honda closes in front but does not lose traction behind, even when braking it has a lot of traction. Lüthi also made many bailouts“. The fact remains that no MotoGP or HRC rider can replicate Marc Márquez’s numbers. As Cal Crutchlow said recently, anyone who tries to imitate him falls disastrously …

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