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“The Mes it’s a shit even worse than the Messina bridge “. The words of Manlio Di Stefano, Undersecretary Grillino for Foreign Affairs, masterfully summarize the uncomfortable position in which he finds himself Giuseppe Conte. The prime minister has to find a way to bend the “tough” of the M5S: a trick is needed to send down the “poisoned meatball” of the European Stability Mechanism. The turning point, in one sense or another, could be that of June 17th.

He is convinced of this The newspaper, which in today’s edition gives an account of the fact that the prime minister will be in court in the Senate on the 17th for the usual information on the EU summit, which will open the next day. The Democratic Party is pressing on Conte to convince him to ask for the go-ahead on the Mes on that occasion. However, the prime minister is hesitant, if not frightened by the risk of a 5-star implosion, which so far have expressed a Salvinian line on the Mes. The formula for obtaining the votes of the grillini could be to propose a broad mandate to the government to evaluate the use of “all the tools” proposed by the European Commission: therefore also including the Mes, but “possibly without mentioning it”, Let Palazzo Chigi know.

“Conte wants a full barrel and a drunk wife: EU money and M5S votes”, is the phrase that The newspaper attributes to a dem executive. But it is also the only way in which the prime minister can avoid a government crisis: if the go-ahead for MES should come thanks to the votes of Silvio Berlusconi and with the contrary opinion of the senators from Grillini, then it would be the principle of the end of the Count bis.

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