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Genoa – There is openness to derogations from the International Register and the commitment to find resources for Italian cabotage. Paola De Micheli yesterday brought the Italian shipowners back into line – literally – “without ever falling to a low level in the discussion”, implying irritation at the controversies of the last few days, as was noted yesterday in the corridors of the ministry. The climate in the sector has become incandescent in recent days and the volcanic minister has made clear some points: the cruises will restart with adequate health protocols and MSC and Costa Cruises will be equal to the starting blocks. The ministry explained the strategy: it is difficult to think that the engines of the ships can be given the green light, without thinking about the difficulties of those with the Italian flag. Beyond the technical aspects, the executive would be oriented to grant the extension of the benefits of the international register also to the ordinary register. And in fact in the final press release it is well specified that “windows derogating from ordinary rules that are oriented towards tourism and work” will be evaluated.

For Costa Cruises it is a marked point. Now we have to decide the time frame of the new provision that could last up to a year, as the same minister announced on her visit to Genoa last week. On the 150 million of the shipowners’ treasury, however, everything is postponed. A committee of “wise men” will help the minister to better study the cards, starting with the real consistency of the savings obtained with ships stopped in ports. The magnificent 4 are Gian Enzo Duci (Federagenti), Beniamino Maltese (Confitarma), the general manager of Clia Francesco Galietti and Stefano Messina (Assarmatori). “The government’s goal is only one – explained Paola De Micheli – to restart the entire maritime economy system in full health security. But to identify the most effective actions, an in-depth analysis of the offer of services, the programming of the operators and the resources that can be made available also through an appropriation dedicated to the transport sector of the Recovery Fund that we asked for within the European Council » . This passage indicates the strategy to find the funds also for cabotage: the sector must be helped and the money could come from the European bazooka. Even on Sardinia and the controversy that broke out in recent days when the only ships authorized to leave were those of Onorato, the minister promised a change, allowing all operators to be able to resume connections already today. “We are very satisfied – explains the president of Confitarma Mario Mattioli – there is an answer on the first register when mentioning an appropriation dedicated to the transport sector of the Recovery Found, and to the world of cruises when mentioning windows derogating from ordinary rules”.

“It should be acknowledged – he explained Stefano Messina of Assarmatori – of the extreme pragmatism of the minister, who addressed the issues of the sector without formulating great promises, but facing realism the very serious problems of restarting the business “. Federagenti has focused attention on the needs of the sector: “Medium and small business entities that – like specialized maritime agencies – in ports only live in services to the cruise sector and which, in some cases, ended in November, must be given priority last season 2019, they have no traffic (and income) prospects until the 2021 season ».

Meanwhile MSC has announced that the ships will remain stationary in the ports until the end of July, but is already ready for the routes of 2021. Genoa favorite, with the three flagships: «In the summer of next year, MSC will deploy in Genoa the three most beautiful, modern and innovative ships of its fleet: the twins Seaside and Seaview, and the older sister Seashore, who will have just taken service and it will also have the Ligurian capital as its home-port, “explained the company. The three ships will be side by side, always with base under the Lantern, from Fantasy and Poetry.

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