Italy worse than Burundi and Azerbaijan for the use of cards: cash still prevails


Italy withdraws from electronic payments

A photograph in chiaroscuro. For the truth darker than clear. Italy still far from the ambitious goal of the cashless society. To say goodbye to cash, to trace everything also in an anti-tax evasion key by stimulating the use of cards and ATMs. Although Italy is one of the countries with the largest number of POS devices, which feed a hard-to-read juniper, electronic payments still struggle to take off. This is the latest report from the Community of the Ambrosetti Forum which includes some of the main players in the payment chain, including the ATM, CBI, Edenred, Intesa Sanpaolo, Mastercard, Mercury Payment Services, NEXI, Poste Italiane circuit, Team System, Telepass Pay, VISA; are Partners American Express, Argentea, BPER, Diners Club Italia, Enel X, Paypal, PAX, Sia, Sisal.

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