Italy worries about “left-wing extremist boom”


The effects of the pandemic from COVID-19 could also have consequences on radicalization and the terrorism, as presented in a report of theEuropol and exposed by its director, Catherine de Bolle, last Tuesday.

The heavy socio-economic consequences caused by the long lockdown imposed by various governments to manage the pandemic they could in fact be used to their advantage by the various hate preachers and the terrorist organizations not only Islamist, but also of far left and extreme right. An increase in radicalization which could therefore be linked to a worsening of living conditions in the various countries of theEuropean Union.

Europol then stressed a decrease in the attacks jihadi in the past year but calls not to let your guard down as it Isis is al-Qaedadespite the difficulties encountered in operating in the Covid-19 phase, they can still take advantage of networks that are not particularly structured, but capable of striking, without neglecting the phenomenon of individual attackers, which seems to be gaining ground.

The report also cites the issue related to far-right terrorism with six attacks (successful, foiled or failed) in the EU but also with 26 far-left attacks carried out between Greece, Italy is Spain and with arrests more than tripled in 2019; an increase, therefore, after the drop in 2018 holdings (from 34 to 111, most of which were made in Italy) and with far left and anarchists which continue to represent a danger to public order in Italy and in Europe in general.

It is well known that radicalism and terrorism find fertile ground not only in those countries where socio-economic conditions are precarious, but also where the state is absent and it is therefore essential that the EU institutions take all the necessary measures to deal with the crisis economic and employment post-Covid, in order to avoid the risk of political-ideological radicalization, even violent.

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