Italy restarts between queues, registration obligations and test incentives: the rules Region by Region


Are so many. writes the “Corriere della Sera”, the governors who soon realized how much the return to free movement means lifeblood for tourism and for the local coffers. And therefore they quickly loosened the rules and restrictions, while maintaining firm controls and vigilance to avoid the return of the infection.

Liguria and Calabria, all free – There are some Regions where exactly the pre-lockdown is back: open borders without any limitation. These are Liguria and Calabria, where anyone can enter and exit without control.

Veneto and Emilia-Romagna, open doors – And there are also the Regions, such as Luca Zaia’s Veneto and Stefano Bonaccini’s Emilia-Romagna, where there is an urgency for motorways and trains to be at their maximum capacity, for a restart at the highest levels of the tourism industry.

Puglia, registration obligation and travel diary – But there are others where the cords are much narrower. Those who want to enter Puglia must register on the Region website providing their personal data (in addition to name and residence, tax code, domicile during the stay, mobile phone number and email, profession, date of arrival and departure, means of transport used and type of stay). Furthermore, all the movements in the area, the meetings and the places visited for a possible tracing of the infection must be indicated.

Sardinia, registrations and incentives for tests – No more testing obligations or immunity licenses in Sardinia, as Governor Christian Solinas initially “threatened”. But only registration obligation, voluntary tracking app and test incentives: those who undergo the serological or swab will have a bonus for cultural visits on site.

Campania, fever control in stations and boarding – In Campania the temperature is controlled by all people who come from outside the Region. Fever is measured in High Speed ​​stations, but also to travelers entering all Naples stations and those who embark for the islands. The ferry or hydrofoil ticket must be booked at least 24 hours before and boarding shows up an hour in advance to get a fever checked.

Anti-contagion app in Sicily – It is called “Sicily you cure” the regional tracking app. Those who enter Sicily are invited to download it and also to register to indicate days of stay and place of stay. It’s all optional, but there are several advantages for those who choose to join: the app connects tourists with the local health system, allowing you to strengthen the service based on tourist flows. In addition, those who download the app can count on a call center in Italian and English for advice in case of need.

Lazio, those under 37.5 degrees under control – Those who arrive in the Lazio Region, in the event of temperatures above 37.5 degrees, are immediately taken into charge by the health system, subjected to a serological test and possibly to a swab. In case of positivity to the virus, it is immediately put in quarantine. and, in severe cases, taken to hospital.

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