Italy reopens, test for Rome. In the capital, the unknown factor controls: thermoscanners are the only barrier


Italy reopens, test for Rome. In the capital, the unknown factor controls: thermoscanners are the only barrier

The intercity that leads from Milan Central to Rome Termini, departure at 6.50 this morning, as of yesterday it had run out of seats. Same goes for Frecciarossa at 9.10 and for 9.50. And Italo? “Seats run out” for all trains leaving between 7.40 am and 2.40 pm, this read on the company website who was looking for a ticket to reach the capital last night. From midnight it is possible to move throughout Italy without limits: no test, in Lazio there is not even a questionnaire to register even if you have embarked in the areas most affected by the Covid, like Lombardy. Even the planes have started to multiply flights, even if they will not immediately return to pre-virus levels. But between stations and airports, the estimate is about 20 thousand passengers a day arriving in Rome, 130 thousand a week, at least in this first phase, with customs cleared movements beyond regional borders, without the obligation of self-certification.

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The numbers: on the railway side today 58 trains will start shuttling between Milan and Rome. Only Italo will put them on tracks 24: 16 Rome-Milan, (some will continue to Naples in the south and Turin to the north), then 6 Rome-Venice and 2 Rome-Bolzano. As a result of the emergency decrees, the seats will be halved. But each train will still travel, on average, with over 200 seats occupied.

For planes tomorrow 90 flights are scheduled to arrive in Rome. At Fiumicino airport there will be 60: 28 national, 17 from Schengen area countries and 15 from non-Schengen areas (from where you can only move for today for a valid reason, while from June 15 flights for everyone will restart, without limitations). During the day, 10 flights will arrive from the northern airports: over a thousand estimated passengers. The governor of Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti, reiterated that “the guard must be kept high”. Yesterday, just 5 new positive cases were recorded across the region at Covid, “the lowest figure since the start of the lockdown – remarked Zingaretti – We have passed one phase: let’s get ready to fight to win another”.

In the evening, La Pisana churned out a new ordinance that provides for temperature control for travelers at airports, ports and high-speed stations. The checks by operators of large airports, as written in the provision, will also be provided for boarding, which will be “prohibited in the event of a feverish state greater than 37.5 degrees”. Those who will be found with a fever on arrival in Rome, will have to swab in a health drive-in of the Region and, in case of positivity, the quarantine will be triggered. Just the Pisana from today makes available to the Railways and the Polfer 60 volunteers for the checks in Termini. The Tiburtina and Ostiense stations should also be monitored, but yesterday the tools to detect the temperature were still missing.

The provisions of the Lazio Region follow a decree signed by the Minister of Infrastructure Paola De Micheli, which indicated the guidelines to be followed on the means of transport. And if on the one hand you push to accelerate the flow of passengers, on the other you are invited to avoid gatherings. All this will be up to the staff of the State Railways, while Polfer will ensure, as always, safety in the stations, with patrols at the entrance, mobile garrisons, track controls. However, they will be routine checks, such as those carried out before the virus. “Management of access to railway stations – it is written in the decree – will have to ensure maximum accessibility to stations and platforms to reduce crowding”. This is to avoid “the meeting of user flows”.

In addition, it will be possible “to take advantage of the on-board restaurant-assistance services for medium-long distance journeys in ways that avoid the transit of passengers to go to the bar car”. On High-speed trains, body temperature must be measured before entering the compartments.

For the capital, however, the reopenings today will be a test. He also knows Zingaretti, who mentioned that Rome is “the heart of the state, home to the country’s main railway and airport hubs”. As Andrea Giuricin, expert in Transport Economics at the University of Milan-Bicocca, explains, “there is an increase in demand on major routes such as Rome-Milan, bucking the general demand which is still very low. The long-distance, high-speed train is attractive to travelers again, there is a perception that it is safe “. Tourism, on the other hand, still struggles: “Today 40 out of 1,402 hotels are open in the city, 20 more will open in the week – says the president of Federalberghi Roma, Giuseppe Roscioli – The influx of visitors is still too low, a first sign of recovery, according to our estimates, it will only occur in the autumn ».

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