Italy reopens, crowds at stations and queues on the highway. Ventimiglia records expected. First tourists to Rome from the North


Free movement in Italy from today with the country that paid a very serious tribute to the coronavirus that killed over 33,000 in about three months. In particular, freedom of movement between regions returns and the effects are immediately visible. Crowd in stations, Milan in particular, and queues on highways. Rows are also reported at the boarding of ferries to Sicily in Messina.

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Sardinia, registration obligation for those arriving: also track internal movements

Mileage queues in Ventimiglia. On the first day of opening of the borders to Italy, mileage queues in Ventimiglia for Italian citizens bound for France, due to the meticulous checks on self-certification at the Ponte San Ludovico crossing. Discomforts for the hundreds of cross-border commuters going to work especially in the Principality of Monaco Already yesterday there were reports of obstructions on the Aurelia, at the height of the last tunnel, before the border. The Italians contest the delays of at least an hour for those who have to go to France to work while – they say – the French can enter Italy, especially to buy spirits and cigarettes. France will reopen its borders with Italy on June 15.

Virus, Sweden for the first time admits: “We had to impose more restrictions”

He waited in the Straits. The reopening of traffic between the regions has caused long lines of cars this morning in Messina near the port, for boarding. Queues in front of the jetties of the Carone & Tourist company already for the first race at 4.40 and for the next one at 7.20. The greater flow of passengers on the Strait, also arriving from Calabria, is linked to the new ordinance of the Region, which has anticipated to date the alignment with the provisions of the decree, abolishing self-certification and the quarantine obligation for those who reach the Sicily from other regions. Even in the latest regional ordinance, the provisions for citizens who are positive to Covid-19 who have the obligation to communicate their health conditions to the family doctor and to the Department of prevention of the competent ASP remain. Those who arrive in Sicily will also be able to download the ‘Sicilia sicurà’ app and optionally enter personal data about their health, travel and any cases of Covid-19 in the family. In case of fever, a communication will suffice and the Asp health workers will intervene on the territory.

Get to Termini. «We are in Rome for a short holiday. We were looking forward. We left Milan early this morning. ” To tell it, smiling behind the mask, is a boy from Verona who got off the first train that arrived at Termini station from Milan this morning. “As soon as possible, we bought tickets – says Mum – we can’t wait to see the beauty of the Eternal City”. And there are those who are in the capital to visit a loved one. “We came to find a friend who is hospitalized – two friends say – tonight we will return to Milan”. The train, which left Milan at 5, appeared more crowded than a commuter in the past few days. “This morning there were more people than last week – he says – but it was still not full”.

Gulf beaches stormed, now they are preparing to welcome tourists from Campania

Fiumicino alert. On the first day of free movement between regions and the reopening of national borders without the need for quarantine for citizens of Schengen countries, intensified attention at Fiumicino airport, which was already high since the beginning of the covid emergency and where they are operating (i first operational from 4 February) 80 latest generation thermal scanners (also in portable version) for the body temperature checks of passengers and airport staff. This is in anticipation of the progressive increase in the flow of travelers to and from the various regions, as well as to and from abroad (from 15 June open borders for those arriving outside the EU borders). A day (first flight took off for S.Domingo at 6.10) which sees in all over a hundred flights between departures and arrivals, of which sixty on national routes. Of these in turn about twenty, altogether, to and from northern Italy. The flow of passengers at Terminal 3 is clearer than in the previous period, with Adr’s staff and police busy keeping their distance. These are “significant” days for air traffic at the Roman airport which, after the resumption of Air France-Klm flights and the restoration of the Alitalia flight to New York, will always see with Alitalia, between today (the Rome-Barcelona) and tomorrow (the Rome-Madrid), also the restoration of flights with Spain, and the resumption of flights in territorial continuity Rome-Alghero and Rome-Olbia (4 flights – 2 outings and 2 returns for each of the two routes). Assistance services and to isolate any positive suspects are therefore also enhanced at the Roman airport.

Rome, cycle paths: “provisional” paths already rough between holes, dangers and degradation

Di Maio: reassurance to the world. «Today is a very significant date, since today Italians will be able to move freely throughout the country, between all regions. This is also an important message of reassurance, which we give to the whole world as Italy. A country that starts again and is preparing to return to normal ». Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said in a post on Facebook. “The total openness of the country allows us to show foreign states a united and compact Italy, within which it is possible to move freely,” he added.

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