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The consequences of the coronavirus emergency and the need to open up even more to the international market become the next and very important challenges that Italian football will face and hopefully win. This is the message contained between the lines of theAnnual Review of Football Finance 2020 written by Deloitte, which analyzes the situation of Serie A and the other main European leagues in the light of the results highlighted in the 2018/2019 season. Self football revenues from Italy increased to 2.5 billion euros, an increase of 11%, the last year also brought in an operating loss of 36 million, mainly caused by the rapid increase in wages.ITALY AWAY FROM THE EUROPEAN BIG – How then to find a virtuous path and try to shorten the gap that separates us now, in terms of revenues, from the most important tournaments of the Old Continent? Premier League and Liga are today unreachable peaks, with over 5.8 and 3.3 billion euros in revenues respectively, but above all a clear ability to differentiate their revenues. The English league gets 59% of its revenues (3.5 billion) from TV rights, 23% from commercial agreements and only 13% (776 million) from game receipts. Absolutely similar reports for Spanish football, which gets 521 million euros from stadium entrances, 1.8 billion from television and just over a billion from sponsors. Italy, which pays a delay of about 1 billion in revenues even against the Bundesliga, proves tremendously behind in two aspects. Until our clubs manage to own the stadiums, it will be unthinkable to reduce that margin which today sees us take in just over half of what happens in the German and Spanish plants; even more clear is the gap at the voice “commercial agreements “, with our 751 million far from the 845 of Germany, the 1.023 of Spain and 1.616 of England.

CORONAVIRUS, THAT YOU LOSE – New, functional stadiums, capable of attracting new earning opportunities even on days not dedicated to matches, but also the need to make Italian football a product to be exported and marketed more effectively outside our borders. This is the recipe provided by Deloitte’s report, which reminds everyone how the consequences of the Covid-19 emergency will be dramatic for everyone. The Premier, the true locomotive of Europe in football terms, will lose something like 1.1 billion in 2020. “The success of the return of each league and the strength of each of their relationships with broadcasters and business partners will have a potentially significant and lasting impact on the financial strength of clubs and leagues,” he said Dan Jones, partner and head of Deloitte’s Sports Business Group. However, he tries to identify a positive side of the story: “We expect that the restart plans for the Premier League and some of its peers will lead to a rapid recovery of the financial results as some revenues from the 2019/20 broadcasts will be pushed in the 2020/21 financial year which could result in a year of exceptional revenue. “

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