Italian Cup, Juve-Milan 0-0: Sarri in the final


Ronaldo misses a penalty and the Rossoneri remain with one man less (red in Rebic), but the bianconeri lose effectiveness in the second half and risk at the end

Welcome back football, welcome back life after too much pain. Welcome back to the trousseau of things we missed so much: penalties, goalposts, Var and controversy. And welcome back Juve and Milan: the first, without infamy and without praise, in the Italian Cup final; the second eliminated after a game on the barricades and played all uphill. In the end, a modest 0-0 came out, the most Italian of the results: for the show, look elsewhere, but it was not the most important aspect of the evening.

New life

After 95 days and over 34 thousand victims, the ball has returned to slip and, if you try, everything seems (almost) as before: it is the usual Juve, which produces but does not sting, and Milan, a noble fallen with many technical limits . All in a ghostly outline: there are no fans to celebrate, but at the beginning of the game those three health workers stopped like Greek statues in the silence, symbol of all the heroes of this time, are there to remind us of a huge collective mourning: the players, excited as ever as they clap their hands, seem to have understood this.

The teams

Then it is only the field and its surprises that speak: the Juventus trident, never seen since the beginning, has a different fit than expected. There is Cristiano as the center forward, with Dybala on his right and the unpredictable Douglas on the other side: Sarri has had Ronaldo in the lead in that position for about a year, but the convincing effort had never brought results so far. Milan choose the trio Paquetà, Calhanoglu, Bonaventura behind Rebic, but it is the different attitude between the two teams that mark the match. The military occupation of the Milan midfielder is, above all at the beginning, embarrassing: there seems to be only Juve on the pitch, with a first chance for Douglas in the first minute and a shower of crosses. All but boredom, with the referee Orsato who has the opportunity to add more pepper: a penalty given (with Var) and wrong, this is a novelty, from Cristiano, and immediately after a red in the face of Rebic for a reckless entry da kung fu on the side of poor Danilo.

The field

Not that before he had shown signs of particular vitality, but in ten AC Milan can only gasp more: the assembly moves back to the small area. Over time, however, the Rossoneri end up taking a bit of anxiety and occasionally putting their noses on the other side. Overall, in the first half Sarri’s domination ends up being as evident as sterile: at the time of the harvest, the old problems return. Pioli’s team manages to stand in the blizzard, this is a merit: aware of its limits, save face but to try to get to Europe you will need completely different courage. Romagnoli’s, for example, which manages even the most delicate situations with clarity. Sarri found his team halfway through the ford, qualified, promising but inconclusive: he can enjoy an excellent Bentancur, a “full” midfielder midfielder, but not Ronaldo, who is the stunt double for himself. Not so much for the missed penalty, but for some wrong support too many and late shots.

How many changes

One of the novelties of post-covid football will be the possibility of making five changes and Sarri is the first to use all his potential: after a quarter of an hour in the first half he mixes three at once, Khedira-Rabiot-Bernardeschi for Pjanic -Matuidi-Douglas, and at that point the team becomes more physical and Benta returns to the role of director. Leao is the first change of Pioli and allows you to restore a reference in the desert. In the end, the qualification remained in the balance until 1994: while Juve went off after a lot of dribbling, under the Rossoneri they hoped to make the most incredible hit. No, Juve goes to Rome for Wednesday’s final. For the first goal of this new football we will have to wait for Napoli-Inter today, but seeing 22 players running makes everyone already happy.

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