Italia Viva will race to the next regional in September in all six regions: alone in Veneto and Puglia


“We formalize that Italy Viva will run to the next regional of September in all six regions: Tuscany, Campania, Puglia, Liguria, Marche, Veneto. So finally the votes will count and not the polls. “He writes it Matteo Renzi in the enews. “We guarantee that it will be a difficult election campaign and with a lot of effort, but we will certainly have fun as it often happens during election campaigns. There is no better opportunity to bring new people together.”
Italia Viva’s target for the elections regional in Tuscany – added Renzi to the presentation of his book ‘The horse’s move’ in Florence – is “being decisive for Giani’s victory and having a result greater than 5 stars”.”All the polls – the former premier observed – say that Italia Viva will be decisive in the next few regional Tuscan, so we will travel a lot in Tuscany to ensure the victory of the center-left and Giani. I think we will make the difference, and it will be a surprise for many who watch the polls. ”



Election Day, governors’ revolt: “Vote in July or challenge the decree”

The election date has not yet been decided: the government remains on the election day on 20 and 21 September. But the governors are for the vote in July otherwise they threaten to challenge the measure.

Background: the “moves” of the Renzians

Renziani – learns Republic from Iv sources – they will run alone in Veneto and Puglia (in this Region the candidacy of Ivan Scalfarotto). While in Campania the direction is towards an alliance with the current gevernatore Vincenzo De Luca.In Tuscany an alliance is taking shape with Eugenio Giani and in the Marches Iv is reasoning with Maurizio Mangialardi. If in these three Regions Iv is with center-left candidates, in Liguria it is not yet said and the field is still open. Here the Journalist of the Daily Fact Ferruccio Sansa For weeks, he has been considered one of the main favorites to run in the event of a Pd-M5S civic alliance

But the Renzians let it be known that they will not be with candidates who are far left and compromised with a wing of the M5S opposed to infrastructure. In essence, Iv declares himself “incompatible” with those who do not express a clear yes to the symbolic work of the Gronda.

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