“It would be nice if Lazio won after so many years of Juventus success”


Interviewed by Radio Bianconera during ‘Third Time’, the former player of Juventus, Inter and Lazio Hernanes he talked about his former teams and commented on the hottest news of the moment: “Everything has stopped here in Brazil, I have been home for almost three months now. I have a gym luckily and I try to keep in shape, but it’s really an incredible situation. Cases are increasing every day and we can’t do anything, just be patient ”.

Who risks more between Juve and Milan at the restart?

“In such a dry game Milan certainly has an advantage, Juve is the strongest team in Italy and among the strongest in the world, but perhaps arriving after a break Milan will have a small advantage, maybe it will find Juventus unprepared as usual. In my opinion, it’s a small advantage for the Rossoneri “.

The scudetto fight between Lazio and Juve?

“Lazio came from an incredible moment, in my opinion it was penalized by this stop. It was not easy to do a race on a par with Juve, which is more used to making such a championship. I cheer for them because it would be nice after so many years of Juventus success if Lazio win “.

Your Juve experience?

“It was an incredible experience, I won, I also played in a role that I learned there. The first six months I struggled with defense, I wasn’t feeling well. Even if I could adapt, I could never be what I had been at Lazio because I played there in front of the door, I gave my best there. I had to think more of Juventus, Lazio played a more instinctive role. But I learned a lot, I acquired the Juve mentality and it was nice to play there. ”

A return to Italy?

“I would gladly return, my children are also there. Italy has now become my second country, it has remained in my heart. When I stop playing I would like to settle there. ”

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