“It will be like with Salvini after Papeete. What if the M5s …?”. Towards the crisis – Libero Quotidiano


The Giuseppe Conte version anti-Salvini, that post Papeete. But this time his opponent is called Pd. According to a background of Republic, the battle over the cutting of VAT is the spy of the new phase at Palazzo Chigi: “For a few days, the lawyer has put the shades of gray in his pocket. Enough mediations, in the attic the notary approach”. An adrenaline rush is needed for Italy and the government and Conte’s, explains the newspaper directed by Maurizio Molinari, is a “political all-in, a bet for survival. “” In 4 months we are playing everything. Starting from the simplification decree, which must be approved within fifteen days “, is the reflection of Conte, worried by the last goodbyes in 5 star movement which reduced the Giallorossi majority in the Senate to 167 units, just 6 more than the absolute majority, but also including 2 life-long senators, Mario Monti and Elena Cattaneo, And 7 of mixed.

Restlessness is plastically represented by a very concrete hypothesis: “What happens, for example – you ask Republic -, if on Mes five grillini parade, how do they estimate at Palazzo Chigi? It happens that Come on Italy is likely to be decisive, the Renzians become the needle of the balance, the Senate is transformed into one swamp“.

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