“It wasn’t a good day for me, it flew to heaven …”


Pierluigi Diaco in tears a Me and you: It wasn’t a good day for me, it flew to heaven …». Today, the conductor of the Rai1 summer lounge was moved live, revealing to the public that he had bad news immediately after yesterday afternoon’s episode.Read also> Matteo Salvini to Live Life: «Assemblies? It was a composed and orderly demonstration. Without work you die »

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You see me with a smile – says moved Diaco – but in reality yesterday was not a good day for me. Immediately after the broadcast I learned that a friend of all and a personal friend of mine, Roberto Gervaso, flew to heaven. You don’t know that I asked him to join the night version team, but for health reasons I don’t want to talk about now he couldn’t. But yesterday I wasn’t expecting that news».

And goes on: “Unfortunately, it is not your latest twist. Now you look at us with your keen gaze and you deserve to send us some of your aphorisms. We want you a soul good». Applause in the studio.

Last updated: Wednesday 3 June 2020, 20:39


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