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Finally here we are. Football is back tomorrow and patience if it won’t be real football, with the public in the stands. It starts from the Italian Cup and rightly so, because two challenges are played with direct elimination and above all because next Wednesday will be awarded the first title of the season. A doubly important certainty, because in the unfortunate event of an interruption of the championship, there would be no risk of postponing to who knows when the Coppa Italia final.So no alibi for anyone, because everyone will start on equal terms and the advance of 24 hours, compared to the initial calendar, will allow Napoli or Inter who will take the field the evening after Juventus and Milan, to have three days and not two to prepare for the final. Among other things, you will be able to watch everything live on TV, thanks to the fact that the three matches will be broadcast in the clear on Rai channels, the best way to resume cheering for your teams, albeit remotely also in this case. There has been a lot of talk about the World Cup rhythms, when you play every three-four days and therefore semi-finals and final so close will offer more emotions. Then, between tomorrow evening and next Wednesday, we will know who will have won and consequently who will have lost, even more so if he does not even reach the final.

The first leg matches of four months ago (!) Leave a theoretical advantage for Juventus and Napoli, not because they will play at home, given that the public will not be able to influence, but because Sarri’s team drew 1-1 at Milan, while Gattuso’s team even won 1-0 at Inter. Thinking about the difference in values ​​and the absence of the disqualified Ibrahimovic, Hernandez and Castillejo, it is obvious to imagine that Juventus will reach the final, but if this were not the case, Sarri would have been the most illustrious rejected. In this unprecedented risk, he is, among the four semi-finalists, the one who risks the most, because Juventus already in command in the championship and stronger than Milan, Naples and Inter cannot miss the final goal.

Just thinking back to the values ​​that emerged this season, Conte also risks a lot, certainly more than Gattuso, because after being eliminated from the Champions League the Nerazzurri coach would bid farewell to another trophy. It is true that Gattuso started the lead, thanks to Fabian Ruiz’s goal at San Siro, but in January Inter had won 3-1 on the Napoli field and therefore knowing the fame of Conte’s victory it would not be enough for him to bet only to the Scudetto, neglecting the Italian Cup.
Since he already has half a foot in the final, Gattuso could not accept an elimination at home, albeit without an audience, also because his Napoli is the team that more than any other can and must focus on the Italian Cup, having no other goals. And among other things, winning the trophy would be the advance guarantee of returning to Europe at least next year.Finally, there is the poor Devil of Pioli, who is the one who risks less because of all he already knows he has lost the AC Milan bench. The strong alibi of absences and the objective difficulty of winning on the Juventus field, or at least of drawing with more than one goal, protects Pioli from any criticism. In his case the only real risk runs Gazidis, if Pioli manages to win the Italian Cup, because at that point it would be even more difficult to justify his exemption, to focus on Rangnick. For the series “there are those who risk losing”, like Sarri, Conte and Gattuso in order, but also “those who risk winning”, like Gazidis.

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