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In the face of 14.3 percent for the elusive Conte list. The prime minister, if he decides to start a party of his own, would get 8.9 percent. This at least according to the last survey carried out by Political Thermometer between 10 and 11 June. To be penalized by a list of Giuseppe Conte they would be mainly Pd and 5 Star Movement which would lose 3 percentage points of consensus each, therefore less than those estimated a week ago by Quorum / YouTrend. The former, therefore, would pass from the current 20.8 to 17.1, the latter instead from 14.8 to 11.4.

No variation for the League which would remain the first force with 28 per cent and for Fratelli d’Italia 15 per cent, while only Forza Italia would register a slight decrease (-0.4 to 5.5). In any case, Conte’s party would benefit Italia Viva which would reach 3.3 percent. A figure, that of the Conte list, which is affected by the lack of confidence that Italians have by now in the premier.

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