it is wrong to lower the cash limit to 2,000 euros


Bulgarian result for the poll of on ‘lowering the maximum cash use threshold to 2000 euros: for81% of respondents, in fact, the government’s choice to reduce the limit to try to counter tax evasion, in fact, is a mistake 19% who instead said he was in favor of the measure that will come into force from 1 July as decided in the Budget Law 2020.

For the new limit on the use of cash we are now there. The reduction envisaged in the tax decree linked to the last financial maneuver will become effective from 1 July, with the roof that will be lowered to 2,000 euros.

However, this is only the first step envisaged by the Conte government, since starting from January 1, 2022 there will be a further drop to 1,000 euros, threshold in force until 2015 and then raised to 3,000 euros by the then Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

The lowering of the cash cap was motivated by the government as a necessity for fight tax evasion, with Giuseppe Conte who has been pushing for some time towards promoting the use of electronic payments.

However, there is no lack of criticism of this choice, which according to many would not be truly effective in the fight against tax evasion and moreover, in a time of crisis like this, it could lead to a contraction in consumption.

The results of this poll, which we remember does not have a scientific value but only indicative since it is not made by sample, but makes us understand how for the readers of this choice appears to be wrong.

A survey on the limit on the use of cash

Italy has always had a big problem: Italytax evasion. It is in fact calculated that with us on average every year over 200 billion are removed from the tax, a figure this monstre and which would represent about 12% of our GDP.

Just to give an example, if only half of this figure could be recovered annually, our country could finance the recovery alone after the coronavirus tsunami, without resorting to the MES or the Recovery Fund.

In recent years, the mantra of every government has always been the same: a tough fight against tax evasion to increase tax revenues. If however the center he is convinced that only by lowering taxes, see Flat Tax, can everyone be owed, the Prime Minister Conte is more likely to discourage the use of cash in favor of electronic payments.

In this perspective, the decision of the government of lower the limit on the use of cash from 2 July to 2,000 euros, with the bar that from January 1, 2022 will drop further to 1,000 euros.

A move that should be accompanied by a whole series of benefit for those who make electronic payments, but which for several critics could prove to be a kind of own goal going to result in one consumption reduction in a moment so particular and difficult.

The purpose of this poll it was consequently that of knowing the opinion of the readers on the goodness, or not, of the lowering of the threshold of the use of cash to counter tax evasion, with the results that leave little room for any interpretation given the monstrous percentage obtained by the No.

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