it is worth 170,000 euros and nobody claims it


A briefcase full of gold abandoned on a train for some time now and no one trying to recover it. It almost looks like the plot of a movie but that’s what’s really going on in Switzerland. Last October, on board a train between St. Gallen and Lucerne, someone left a real treasure in a carriage. That is, a briefcase with over three kilos of gold bars for a value of about 170,000 euros. To date, according to what has emerged in these hours, no one has yet come forward to claim the loss. The discovery of the briefcase full of gold, which the BBC reported, was made public only after the efforts of the Swiss authorities to track down the owner have not been successful.

The careless gold owner now has 5 years to recover the treasure – This is why the Lucerne prosecutor’s office has decided to issue a statement explaining that the owner of that briefcase forgotten on the train has five years to come forward. The BBC specifies, however, that it is not entirely clear how the authorities will verify the claims of whoever should present themselves to claim the treasure abandoned on the train eight months ago. As specified by the Swiss media, the notice of the Canton of Lucerne does not specify the exact weight of the ingots, but only their value. In October 2019, gold was quoted at 48 francs per kilo, which would suggest about 3.8 kilograms. In the meantime, the price has risen to 53 francs, for a weight that should thus reach 3.4 kilograms.

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