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After being transported to the hospital in Siena, Alex Zanardi was immediately operated on. Doctors performed neurosurgery and maxillofacial surgery. His conditions are always very serious. The former pilot was transferred to intensive care. The whole of Italy is cheering for Zanardi.

Zanardi: neurosurgical and maxillofacial intervention

Zanardi’s intervention has ended. After undergoing a neurosurgery and a maxillofacial operation, the patient was transferred to intensive care. In the late evening of Friday a new medical bulletin was issued by the hospital of Siena:

Regarding the clinical conditions of Alex Zanardi, hospitalized in very serious conditions at the Santa Maria alle Scotte polyclinic due to a road accident occurred in the province of Siena, the Aou Senese health management informs that the neurosurgical intervention and maxillofacial to which the athlete has been subjected, due to the serious head injury reported, it started shortly after 19 and ended shortly before 22. The patient was then transferred to intensive care, with a reserved prognosis. His health conditions are very serious.

The accident of Alex Zanardi

Zanardi this afternoon while he was disputing the Tricolori Goal in the province of Siena he lost control of his handbike, he overturned a couple of times, later he lost his helmet, ended up in the opposite lane from where he was running and was hit by a truck. According to Valentini the c.t. of the national handbike Zanardi would have made a mistake and would have paid him at a very high price. While Zanardi is struggling for life, the Prosecutor of Siena has opened an investigation file on the accident that hit one of the greatest Italian athletes.

The investigation of the carabinieri on the accident of Zanardi

The carabinieri are apparently acquiring an amateur video on the accident that occurred to Alex Zanardi during the stage of the relay Italian goal in which there would have been the accident of the ex-pilot who is hospitalized in very serious conditions at the Siena hospital. The carabinieri are also checking the organization of the event. According to what transpires there are images that could clarify the dynamics of Zanardi’s accident.

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