“It doesn’t matter, it won’t bring down the government otherwise it would disappear” – Libero Quotidiano


Alessandro Di Battista has never had great sympathies for Matteo Renzi and has never made any mystery of it. So the dissident trigger increases the dose every time he has the chance. This was presented to “Sono le Venti”, the program broadcast on the Nine and conducted by Peter Gomez. Here Dibba went down heavy: “Renzi? It doesn’t matter. He is a finished man who has had the country in his hand, has plundered his consent with unacceptable laws and now makes books, declarations, interviews”. That of Italia Viva is therefore not a threat: “In the test of nine, he always pulled back, because if he could go to the vote he would take less votes than Power to the people”. In short, Renzi will never bring down the government, it is not convenient for him, “otherwise he will disappear”.

Then we move on to the other “enemy”, the government with the Democratic Party: “Italy would need thousands of yards – he comments on the measures proposed by Conte post-coronavirus – but for the most important public work of all, or the maintenance of the existing “.

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