“It depends on Cristiano Ronaldo and Dybala” – Libero Quotidiano


“We can’t do more at the moment.” Maurizio Sarri is more disconsolate than honest: after the defeat of the Juventus in the final of Italian Cup against the Naples, the first blurred seasonal goal, the Tuscan coach points his finger at his stars: “We cannot express more for the condition we have. We played the game with application. We lack brilliance to make the game dangerous, the performance was good but anger and disappointment remain. ”

“At this moment – underlined the technician – we are struggling especially in terms of individuality Cristiano Ronaldo, to Dybala and our great soloists lack running and that extra bit of brilliance to affect and jump the man, but I consider it quite normal in this period. I didn’t say anything to the players, we were all very angry and disappointed and I think it’s better to be silent right now. “Behind these words, however, also a hint of hope: that Juve will go back to running (and winning), when heavy appointments will come, from challenges in Champions a sprint championship with Inter and Lazio.

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