ISS: “Outbreaks still in Italy, epidemic is not over”


No critical situation in Italy even if there are still outbreaks in various areas of the country. This morning the official confirmation of what has been known since yesterday has arrived, namely that no region has an Rt, the replication factor, higher than 1. Although in Lombardy the number of cases is always high, even if there are precisely situations rooms where new positivity are found, the weekly monitoring system set up by the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health tells of a “positive trend”. And in fact “at the moment in Italy there are no critical situations related to the Covid-19 epidemic”. The analysis is based on data from the days between 25 and 31 May.

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According to the experts, given the timing of the development of the symptoms after the infection and those of the subsequent diagnosis, “probably many cases reported in this week contracted the infection 2-3 weeks earlier, that is, during the first phase of reopening between 4 and May 18 “.
The number of cases is decreasing, he explains, and there are no signs of overloading the health system. In addition, the data sent by the Regions to Rome for monitoring are better, more detailed. “In some regional realities, a number of new cases reported every week are high, even if decreasing. This should call for caution as it indicates that in some parts of the country the circulation of Sars-CoV-2 is still relevant “.Regarding the outbreaks still active in almost the entire peninsula, they are found “largely due to the intense screening and investigation of cases with identification and monitoring of close contacts”. However, the phenomenon “highlights how the epidemic in Italy has not ended”.

Lombardy, the region most affected and which still has to deal with important numbers of new people every day (more than 400 yesterday), the RT of the week examined was 0.91, therefore not far from 1. The incidence of the disease between 25 and 31 May was the highest in the country: 15.4 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants.

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