“Is this what a black man’s life is worth? Twenty dollars?”


Philonise Floyd testified before the US House of Justice Justice Committee on Wednesday about police brutality and the discriminatory and racist behavior of her agents. Philonise Floyd is the brother of George Floyd, the African American man killed in Minneapolis on May 25 while he was arrested violently by the police.

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Referring to the protests that have taken place across the United States and the rest of the world for the past two weeks, Floyd said: “I ask you to listen to what I am asking you now, what our family is asking you, what is echoing in all the streets of the world. People of all backgrounds, genders and races have come together to ask for things to change. Honor them, honor George, and make all the necessary changes that make law enforcement the solution, not the problem. ”

Floyd, as well as several activists and politicians, called for a thorough reform of the US police, accused in many cities, including Minneapolis, of acting brutally and discriminating against African Americans.

Referring to the fact that George Floyd had been arrested because accused of using a fake 20 dollar bill, Philonise Floyd also said, “I’m asking you, is this what a black man’s life is worth?” Twenty dollars? We are in 2020. When there is too much, it is too much », and added:« Stop it. I’m here to ask you to stop this pain. ”

The House is considering the proposal of Democrats who would like to profoundly reform law enforcement in the United States. In addition to listening to Floyd’s testimony, the Justice Commission also heard several civil rights activists and police officers. The commission said it would send the text of the law to the House by July 4th.

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