Is Spusu convenient? Is it really a valid alternative to Iliad?


He made his debut on the Italian market spusu. We, as always, prefer to write a little bowls analysis, trying to analyze the news of the telco market more calmly. The wait for the arrival of spusu was really long. Even more expectations. And in the weeks leading up to the launch of spusu, many had run to define the new manager a new Iliad. A fierce new enemy that Iliad should have feared.

But is it really so? Is the proposal represented by spusu good? And above all, can it represent a valid alternative to Iliad?

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Spusu is an MVNO

Spusu telephone operator

Spusu, our most attentive readers surely know it, it’s an MVNO. This immediately creates a huge difference with Iliad which is instead a “real” manager and as such has its own network and licenses.

However, this does not necessarily mean that per spusu must be a disadvantage. In fact in Austria those of spusu managed to prove it. Being a virtual has its pros. There are basically no major investments to be made and while a company like Iliad has to place antennas and invest billions, an MVNO can safely base its business plan on cost containment, offering customers economic proposals.

However, this is not the case with spusu. And from there the disappointment. The spusu offers did not impress the followers at all. If we miss something of the offers of this operator that do not seem fantastic, please report it in the comment space at the bottom of this post.

The only vaguely interesting aspect of the spusu offer is the so-called “jig reserve“, A mechanism already introduced in Italy by 3 with the Giga Bank.

The spusu data reserve

As we said the data reserve could open some sporadic cases in which spusu is really convenient. With spusu, data not consumed a month, can be exploited the following month. They therefore accumulate and are not wasted. It is a feature that spusu Italia imported from the Austrian parent company. And we like this.

When should spusu

Spusu logo and green rocket

With the reserve system, spusu becomes convenient for sporadic users of large quantities of the internet. For example, reflecting, it is a typical summer case, when for holidays we find ourselves for a week or two away from the home wifi. Here, having spusu also in May and June, just to give an example, we could keep a good supply of jig to take advantage of all the jigs stored in July, during our stay (as long as the holiday takes place in Italy, obviously, given that the reserve loses its sense in EU Roaming).

Here, this is a clear case in which spusu all in all is also convenient compared to the main competitors. A niche, however, a little too niche, for a manager, as we said at the beginning that he was almost seen as Iliad’s alter ego.

In terms of convenience but also of efficiency, as we will see shortly, Iliad still beats spusu 10 to 0. Comment and let us know if it is appropriate to change your opinion but at present it seems to us that we can say this.

Spusu vs Iliad. Coverage

Also in terms of coverage and signal quality, many have said that spusu uses the same network that Iliad uses, that is, that of WindTre. It’s not true. For a cost as we said greater, spusu offers less coverage than Iliad given that the fourth mobile operator can count on an increasingly extensive direct network of antennas, which obviously spusu cannot access.

The Iliad network, we remind you, is expanding at an increasingly important rate and already in various areas it can therefore become technically independent from WindTre. The first tests also carried out on the WindTre network with sim spusu are not exactly exciting.

Finally, we point out the problem of the servers that with spusu seem to pass through Austria and Germany, making all those internet uses based on geographic positioning difficult. Such as, for example, some streaming platforms that with SIM spusu Italia sometimes identify the customer as connected from Austria, preventing access.

In short, a spusu that can definitely improve and that perhaps has a little sin of arrogance by presenting itself in a much more competitive market than the Austrian one and where for several months already – Luckily – the impact of Iliad’s arrival is felt strongly. And that yes, it was a revolution.

What do you think about it? It’s time for your opinion. If you do not agree with what is written, please let us know in the comment space below.

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